Divorce Costs


  • Preliminary meeting – to discuss divorce only with letter confirming instructions:


  • Preliminary meeting – to discuss divorce, children and property with letter confirming instructions:   


  • Preparing divorce petition – unreasonable behaviour: to include copies for service and other documents to accompany  (but not statement of arrangements for children):


  • Preparing divorce petition – under any other grounds:  to include copies for service and any documents to accompany  (but not statements of arrangements for children):


  • Obtaining marriage certificate –  £10 each letter, plus any fee/disbursement
  • Preparing application for fee exemption –. if sufficient means documentation produced for that to occur, at one meeting:


  • Statement of arrangements for children –  to include discussing its contents and preparing the document for service with the divorce petition:


  • Discussing response to Petition – to include a meeting, and suggesting response, if any, and making application for direction for trial:


  • Application for ancillary relief/financial settlement –  to include initial meeting, discussion and application for issue, Form A:


  • Form E –  to include copying documents and preparing all for filing at Court and service to be charged on an hourly rate at either £150 or £120 per hour, at solicitors election
  • Preparation for First Directions Hearing and representation – either £150 or £120 per hour at solicitor’s election
  • Preparation of questions and answers, preparation and representation at Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing – either £150 or £120 per hour, at solicitor’s election
  • Cost of Preparing Consent Order – either £150 or £120 per hour at solicitor’s election
  • Correspondence and negotiation with client and the other party – to be charged on an hourly basis and a charge for each letter, telephone call, email correspondence

NB. VAT currently at the rate of 20% will be added.

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