Family Mediation

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Family Mediation at Alexander & Partners

Our interest in mediation grew out of our family work.

When each side has their own lawyer, there can be a tendency for the case to become confrontational. However, a family break-up can be a misfortune for all, and it can help if the inevitable problems are dealt with co-operatively. Family mediation allows this.

Family mediation is a way for couples and other family members to resolve issues without involving the courts in making decisions. This can includes decisions about what arrangements to make for the children, as well as dealing with property and other financial matters.

Usually couples who have made arrangements through mediation are more likely to want to make sure they work. It is quicker, less stressful and more affordable way to resolve disputes than going to court.

Our family mediator is Susie Ross, who trained as a mediator with the ADR Group. She also has over twenty years experience as a family law solicitor, during which she helped clients to reach settlements.

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